Sunshine Playdough – classic!


Surprise a kid you know with a jar of handmade Sunshine Playdough.  They will play the Summer away with this classic dough, and you will feel great about the screen-free, battery-free fun.

Silky-soft playdough in a happy yellow hue is has just 6 food-grade ingredients and provides hours of sensory play.  Large 8-ounce size is twice the amount of dough in typical jars.



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Large 8 ounce jar of freshly made silky-soft Sunshine Playdough is a happy yellow hue and none of the mystery chemical ingredients of traditional play doh.  It’s ready for hours of sensory play this summer.

One 8-ounce jar of handmade playdough in Sunshine Yellow.  Unscented.

Keep It Fresh!

Made without chemicals or preservatives, so don’t hide this dough away.  It’s best to open and play with dough within a month of receiving. Then enjoy for months!

  • Use clean hands and clean play surface.
  • Always return dough to jar after playtime and put lid on tightly.  Store away from direct heat or cold.
  • If salt crystals begin to form, simply knead dough back to a soft consistency.
  • When stored properly, lasts 6-12 months.
Non-toxic.  Food-grade ingredients*  
Choking hazard!  Not for children under age 3.  Children should be supervised during play.  
*Sparkle Dough contains glitter that is not food-safe.





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