About Us


We are thrilled that everyone who uses our playdough knows they are getting a safe, natural, premium dough worthy of the most precious little hands in the world.

Before I created Dough-Re-Mi, I would buy the commercial stuff from the store for my kids to play with.  It seemed to get hard so fast and my kids would lose interest quickly. 

Then one day, my daughter came home with stained hands from playing with the playdough at her daycare.  Her teachers said that the school’s bulk supply of dough routinely stained hands and table surfaces!  That’s when I knew I could come up with a much better playdough than what I was finding on the market.

I decided to set out to create the softest, silkiest playdough around for the best rainy day activities, most amazing party favors— and safe for preschools and daycares too!

After formulating and re-formulating countless recipes to come up with my signature dough, I had to find suppliers of the quality ingredients and keep it affordable for families.  I was not willing to sacrifice quality, performance, or non-toxicity of my dough.  I was happy with nothing less than FOOD GRADE quality since this is a product going into the hands of little ones.

Finally, when my own kiddos and their friends sat in front of batches of my dough for hours (yes hours!) I knew I had it.

We released our first products and the response has been pure love from those who order our playdough.  People ask me what’s so different about my playdough.  Once they touch it, they know!

So here we are, to help you with that party coming up, supply you with some fabulous playdough fun, and happily remind you to take time to play!

Pink-Heart  Katie Lamarque